Power Yoga



Power yoga is a vigorous style based on vinyasa flow. It creates a high level of energy, vitality and freedom. Like any other physical style of Yoga, Power yoga is an inner work; only by looking within can you find the answers.

It is different from Ashtanga Yogabecause even though they are both based on the 8 limbs of Yoga, power yoga is not a set sequence like in Ashtanga. In Power Yoga every practice is unique and the asanas (poses) are limitless.

Power Yoga was introduced by both Bryan Kest (as seen in the above video and below Photo) and Beryl Bender Birch to the western world.

Its purpose was to make Yoga more accessible to all no matter the shape, size, personality etc…

Yoga Nova teaches Power Yoga with mindfulness based philosophy and meditation techniques. We also try to deliver creative emotional experience.

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